Every Body Eat®: The Snack That's Changing Lives, One Delicious Bite at a Time!

Every Body Eat®: The Snack That's Changing Lives, One Delicious Bite at a Time!

 Are you tired of sifting through ingredient lists that read like a chemistry experiment? Do you worry about allergens lurking in your favorite snacks, especially when it comes to your kiddos? Well, look no further because Every Body Eat® is here to revolutionize your snack game!

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Every Body Eat® is not just your ordinary snack brand; it's a promise to create a world where everybody feels included. Founded by two incredible women, Trish and Nichole, this brand emerged from the depths of personal struggles and a determination to make clean, delicious snacks for to everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions or preferences.

Trish's Journey to Every Body Eat®
Trish's story began with some perplexing health issues—weight gain, hair loss, and fatigue. Initially, she attributed these symptoms to her pregnancy. However, it turned out to be something more profound—an autoimmune disease that required significant medication to manage. But Trish's journey to wellness didn't stop there. A life-changing moment in an ambulance, after consuming shrimp and red wine, prompted her to investigate further.

Through research and consultation with her doctor, Trish discovered that eliminating corn, dairy, and gluten from her diet made a significant difference. Not only did she feel better, but she was also able to reduce her reliance on over $2,000 worth of medications. This revelation was the spark that ignited the Every Body Eat® journey.

Nichole: The Unstoppable Mom
Enter Nichole Wilson, a fellow tastemaker and an unstoppable mom. Nichole faced her own set of dietary challenges when her family's diet underwent a seismic shift a few years ago. Her children were diagnosed with acid reflux and severe lactose intolerance, her husband discovered his own lactose intolerance and sensitivity to eggs and shellfish, and Nichole herself uncovered her sensitivities to dairy and gluten.

This transformative experience forced Nichole to rethink food and nutrition to protect her family from the debilitating discomfort that comes with dietary sensitivities. She became a vigilant label reader, always on the lookout for safe options, even bringing dairy-free cupcakes to birthday parties, requesting dairy-free snacks at school, and distributing Lactaid to other moms before playdates.

The Birth of Every Body Eat®
When Trish and Nichole crossed paths at a book fair at their children's school, it was serendipity in action. Their shared experiences, boundless energy, and unwavering determination fueled their vision for Every Body Eat®. Together, they set out to create delicious, allergen-free snacks that would redefine the snack industry. Every Body Eat®'s flagship product, the "CHEESELESS Thins," has become a sensation among snack lovers of all ages. These tasty morsels are often referred to as a clean alternative to traditional cheese crackers and are a hit with kids, making them the perfect snack for families.

Why Every Body Eat Is Perfect for Kiddos and Families
So, why should Every Body Eat® be your go-to snack brand for your family? Here's why:
Allergen-Friendly: Every Body Eat®'s commitment to being free from the top 14 most common food allergens, plus corn, means you can trust that these snacks are safe for your family, especially those with dietary sensitivities.

Delicious for All: While designed with allergen-consciousness in mind, Every Body Eat® snacks are so delicious that even those without dietary restrictions can't resist them. They're the perfect snacks for everyone to enjoy together.

Clean, Whole Ingredients: You won't find any mystery ingredients in Every Body Eat® products. They use clean, whole ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce, ensuring that you know exactly what you're eating.

Transparent Labeling: Every Body Eat® takes transparency seriously. They proudly display all their ingredients on the front of their packaging, leaving no room for secrets.

A Message of Inclusion: Every Body Eat® isn't just about snacks; it's about creating a world where "every body feels included." It's a message of inclusivity and empowerment that resonates with families everywhere.

 In a world filled with snack options, Every Body Eat® stands out not only for its delicious offerings but also for its inspiring founders and mission. So, next time you're looking for a snack that's safe, scrumptious, and socially responsible, reach for Every Body Eat® and become a part of their extraordinary journey—one delicious bite at a time!

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