Big Kids

Big Kids

Better-for-you snacks for sophisticated palates!


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The Good Crisp Company Cheddar Cheese BallsThe Good Crisp Company Cheddar Cheese Balls
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Pipcorn Twists, Cinnamon Sugar (1oz)Pipcorn Twists, Cinnamon Sugar (1oz)
Pulp Pantry Sea Salt Veggie Pulp Chips (5 oz Snack Bag)Pulp Pantry Sea Salt Veggie Pulp Chips (5 oz Snack Bag)
Tid Bits Wild Berry Gummy CandyTid Bits Wild Berry Gummy Candy
Better Sour: Sour Gummy: Guava Calamansi Ume
Ka-Pop! Olive Oil and Sea Salt Chips (1oz bag)Ka-Pop! Olive Oil and Sea Salt Chips (1oz bag)
Chomp! Vegan White Chocolate kookie BarChomp! Vegan White Chocolate kookie Bar
Field Trip Cracked Pepper Turkey Stick (Snack Size)
UNREAL Milk Chocolate Gems Snack SizeUNREAL Milk Chocolate Gems Snack Size
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Veggicopia Green Olives from Greece (Snack Pack)Veggicopia Green Olives from Greece (Snack Pack)
Whoa! Dough Sugar Cookie BarWhoa! Dough Sugar Cookie Bar
Whoa! Dough Chocolate Chip Cookie BarWhoa! Dough Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar
Every Body Eat Cheese-Less Snack ThinsEvery Body Eat Cheese-Less Snack Thins
UNREAL Dark Chocolate Almond Butter CupsUNREAL Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups
Prevail Original Turkey JerkyPrevail Original Turkey Jerky
Blobs Pomegranate-AppleBlobs Pomegranate-Apple
Kokari Coconut Cinnamon Bites
Olyra Organic Crunchy Breakfast Biscuits-Fig AniseOlyra Organic Crunchy Breakfast Biscuits-Fig Anise
Mom’s Munchies Sweet Potato Apple BitesMom’s Munchies Sweet Potato Apple Bites
Ka-Pop! Fiery Hot Rings (2.75 oz)Ka-Pop! Fiery Hot Rings (2.75 oz)
Blobs Orange-PeachBlobs Orange-Peach
P-nuff Crunch Cinnamon (Snack Size Bag 1oz)
UNREAL Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter CupsUNREAL Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
Savor by Suzie Dark Chocolate Grain Free PretzelsSavor by Suzie Dark Chocolate Grain Free Pretzels
JAMBAR Organic Energy Bar Jammin’ JazzleberryJAMBAR Organic Energy Bar Jammin’ Jazzleberry
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Lovely Organic Lollipops (Approx. 25 Lollipops)Lovely Organic Lollipops (Approx. 25 Lollipops)