Let's Play: Ways to Snack Outside the Box

Lets Play: Ways to Snack Outside the Box

We know, we’ve always been told from an early age to not play with our food, but incorporating snacks in a fun playful way was never off the table. Mixing up the way we serve snack time favorites can mix things up and even get your little ones to try new foods just by the way you are presenting them. 

Below are some  fun ways you can snack “outside the box” with your family.

Repurpose Your Muffin Tin:

Grab a muffin tin, and fill up each cup with different snacks you are comfortable with your child eating. You can mix it up with some of the snacks we offer on Pure Bellies Market and add in some whole fruits or veggies too. 

Ants on a Log Style: 

Making food look playful and inviting is a great fun way to serve up some healthy snacks. I know you remember eating “ants on a log” as a kid (celery with some peanut butter and a few raisins on top). There is a reason why snacks like that stick in our memory even as we grow into adults.

Cookie Cutters!

Cookie cutters are a great tool to cut fruit and veggies into fun shapes. They make cookie cutters of all sizes and types so you can go to town with this one. Star and heart shaped fruit, heart shaped baked zucchini “chips.” Sky's the limit!

Snacking Location

Sometimes just changing where we serve the snack can be an activity in itself. On the weekend or afterschool try rolling out a blanket and serving snacks picnic style. If it's nice outside you can even take it outside. Maybe this will even get your kiddos chatting about what they did in school that day. 

There are plenty of opportunities to mix up the ways in how and where we snack.

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